Books Resources on Big History

Shklovsky, Joseph.
Вселенная, жизнь, разум (Universe, Life, Intelligence). Moscow: Academy of Sciences.

Shklovsky, Joseph; Carl Sagan. Intelligent Life in the Universe.
New York: Random House.
Revised and extended English translation of Вселенная, жизнь, разум.
One of the latest reissues was published in 1998 by Emerson-Adams Press (ISBN 1-892803-02-X)

Cloud, Preston.
Cosmos, Earth and Man: A Short History of the Universe.
New Haven: Yale University Press.

Jantsch, Eric.
The Self-Organizing Universe: Scientific and Human Implications of the Emerging Paradigm of Evolution.
Oxford: Pergamon Press
Hardcover –
Paperback –

Christian, David.
Maps of Time: An Introduction to Big History.
Berkeley: University of California Press.”

Chaisson, Eric.
Epic of Evolution: Seven ages of the cosmos.
New York: Columbia University Press.

Brown, Cynthia Stokes.
Big History: From the Big Bang to the present.
New York: The New Press.

Spier, Fred.
Big History and the Future of Humanity.
Chichester, West Sussex, U.K., Malden, MA, Wiley-Blackwell.

Morter, Greg & Brennan, Niamh
The Universe Story In Science and Myth.
Green Spirit, UK

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